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Making Lloyd Loom Chairs

Lloyd Loom Chairs

Our Lloyd Loom chairs and furniture are all manufactured at our factory in Spalding. Not only do we have some of the finest furniture manufacturers hand making our products, we also have a range of machines that each play a crucial part in the production of our Lloyd Loom chairs.  Many of these machines have been in operation for about 50 years, they are the best at what they do, and we believe produce the finest Lloyd Loom components for our Lloyd Loom furniture.

With many of our machines the similarities to fabric manufacture is clear to see, most of our machines use bobbins and many of the processes involve twisting, spinning and weaving. Our paper twister is a classic example in constant operation since 1967 and producing some of the finest twisted chord used in Lloyd Loom production.


Memmingen was established in Germany 1907 by Mr. Theodor Otto, and is the oldest manufacturer of Spinning, Twisting and Rope Machines on the world market. Memmingen Flyer Twister machines have been utilised for the production of precision cord used during the Apollo space programme, the highlight being the Apollo 11 flight landing on the moon, and has subsequently gone on to be used during the Space-Shuttle Programme.

Here at Lloyd Loom Manufacturing we use the the finest materials and production techniques to achieve our proud goal of making the finest quality Lloyd Loom furniture in Britain. We are proud craftsmen who love what we do, our Lloyd Loom classic collection is handmade at our factory in Lincolnshire using the finest machinery and components along with traditional crafts and techniques.

For more information about Lloyd Loom Manufacturing, to order our brochure and price list, or for help and advice about our Lloyd Loom range contact us via email info@lloydloommanufacturing.com or call us on 01775 767011