Lloyd Loom at the may design series

Lloyd Loom presents Luna All Weather Collection at May Design Series 2015

Lloyd Loom manufacturing will exhibit the Luna Collection as part of its furniture display at this years May Design Series.

LUNA All Weather Collection is elegant, comfortable and inviting.  Its classic appeal and timeless elegance has all the hallmarks of stylish, high quality hand made furniture.  Bold and versatile, LUNA has a distinct personality running through each piece of the collection. The fresh, bright colour combinations will excite conversation whilst the subtle, neutral tones allow you to watch the world go by in peace and tranquility.

Durable, contemporary and simply beautiful.

LUNA has been designed to be versatile to suit every setting.  Its soft curves and elegant design give it a classic appeal and high levels of comfort for indoor and outdoor use.  Confident and assured, LUNA has the timeless elegance of stylish, high quality hand made furniture.  As each piece of the LUNA Collection is individually hand woven, the furniture combines exceptional quality and durability with striking beauty and design excellence.

LUNA has a distinct personality; each piece has a characteristic rounded shape which carries the hallmarks of classic comfort and graceful living.  The fresh colour combinations and high quality upholstery embody the collection with a vitality to enhance any setting.  Every piece of LUNA furniture is complementary, and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination, both indoors or outdoors.

“It is important to use materials that are environmentally friendly and made to last. That is why we chose Rehau for its resilience and recyclable characteristics. Using materials of this quality ensures that the furniture can be guaranteed for 25 years, and when it is no longer used it can be recycled into other products.

Each piece of LUNA  furniture is individually hand crafted. The use of hand woven forms and handmade cushions allows for a more exciting and dynamic product, and gives each piece a direct connection with the makers. This connection allows the craftsmen to express their skill and gives them an engagement and emotional connection with the product.

This is a step back to a more traditional way of working, before the days of industrialisation or time and motion studies. It is a way of working more akin to the crofter, and more suited to human beings and we believe there are great benefits to this way of working, principally products of outstanding beauty and quality.” – Nicholas Waters


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